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Repairable machines is a timelab project, located in Ghent, Belgium




The CNC-machines are the work of Lieven Standaert & Kurt Van Houtte from timelab. Timelab is located in Ghent, Belgium and is a non-profit organisation, operating the local fablab.
You can find us at: Brusselsepoortstraat 97, Ghent or throught the timelab website.

You can contact Kurt at : kurt.vanhoutte - at- timelab.org

You can contact Lieven at : lieven.standaert - at- timelab.org
His phone: +32.486.945.529



MARCH 27th 2013 -TIMELAB - GHENT - On Wednesday March 27th we will be presenting our big black machine. It is a 800x1000mm 3-axial milling machine intended for milling wood panels in the Ghent fablab. See http://www.timelab.org/nl/presentatie-zelfgebouwde-freesmachine

Everybody is welcome for a quiet drink and some loud milling, from 19h at timelab.


MARCH 25th 2013 - Way too long since we came back to our milling machines. Both me and Kurt have been busy running our respective labs and haven't been able to put as much time in our machines as we would want.

MARCH 20th 2013 - SHOP UPDATE - For now we are not distributing any kits of the miniCNC. The machine electronics are based around the old Makerbot Cupcake boards, which are no longer available. We are reworking the electronics to run off a set of Reprap electronics and a modified version of Pronterface.

JANUARI 30th 2012 - Lieven will be giving a workshop/presentation of the miniCNC at the Antwerp Hackerspace.on Friday the 10th of Februari, 8PM.
See http://voidwarranties.be/index.php/Mini-cnc_workshopfor details.

SEPTEMBER 27th 2011- Adam W.-Swicizinsky und Ewald Neuhofer from AWS design team are taking the machine to the Vienna design week to engrave furniture, from September 30th to October 3rd, themed "Copyright - Design zwischen Inspiration und Kopie"
You can follow them on their project blog: http://awsdesignteam.wordpress.com

Copyright, Copyleft - aws designteam - Fr 30.09.2011 – Mo 3.10.2011 - stilwerk
viennadesignweek.com - Labor