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Repairable machines is a timelab project, located in Ghent, Belgium




We are sorry but we are no longer taking orders for our miniCNC kits

The introduction price for early adopters is 680 euro, plus shipping. This will give you all the parts you need to assemble a complete CNC-machine. It includes all lasercut parts, the motion guide parts, steppermotors, steel frame, a Dremel300-tool, one 2mm square milling bit, a power supply and all the electronics.
For a complete part list, see the miniCNC kit parts list v1.08.

We love to see you try out our machine. However, please take note of the following disclaimers::

-We did NOT call this project www.lowcostmachines.com. If you're interested in learning about how a CNC-machine works, and like the idea of having a machine you can upgrade and fix yourself, we believe we have the tool for you. If you want a cheap CNC-machine without the fuss, we'ld rather have you pass up than get you frustrated.

-We worked hard on developing a reliable, sturdy and easy-to-assemble piece of hardware, and are quite proud of the quality of the result. At this time we're not equally happy with the software we can offer with it. It works, but it's not very user-friendly. This is a subject for future development.


Optionally, you can order this kit without these parts:

-To order without the Dremel300, subtract 40 euro from the kit price. We can also supply a version of the tool holder that fits an old Dremel4000, if you specify so in your order.

-The machine is supplied with a microATX 200W power supply. This small power supply fits inside the frame to create a single, compact CNC unit. However, any ATX power supply will deliver the required 5V & 12V, if you don't mind having it it next to the frame. To order without the power supply, subtract 40 euro from the kit price.

-The machine uses Makerbot Gen3 electronics. It is possible to use the electronics from a Cupcake, by switching out the motor connectors. (it is then ofcourse not possible to use both machines at the same time) To order the kit without the electronics and the FTDI-cable, subtract 220 euro from the kit price.

We don't have an automated webstore in place, just contact us by email.


SEPTEMBER 27th 2011- Adam W.-Swicizinsky und Ewald Neuhofer from AWS design team are taking the machine to the Vienna design week to engrave furniture, from September 30th to October 3rd, themed "Copyright - Design zwischen Inspiration und Kopie"
You can follow them on their project blog: http://awsdesignteam.wordpress.com

Copyright, Copyleft - aws designteam - Fr 30.09.2011 – Mo 3.10.2011 - stilwerk
viennadesignweek.com - Labor


SEPTEMBER 26th 2011 - Kimmo's copy of the machine is on display at the Tampere Architecture week http://www.arkkitehtuuriviikko.fiuntil the 2nd of October, in an exhibition on new materials and fabrication techniques.

SEPTEMBER 25th 2011 - We published version 1.08 of our machine. See Downloadsor Thingiverse for the DXF-file,

Version 1.08 features:
-a more rigid Z-axis
-version numbering engraved on all the parts
-a dual-nut/anti-backlash system on the Y-axis, greatly improving accuracy (better than 0,2mm)


MAY 5th 2011: Added documentation on the software we use. See our documentation page